Resin flooring: the extensive customization options allow you maximum freedom to designers and decorators

The furniture industry and coatings for rooms for residential purposes, will never be saturated with building materials and construction; projects increasingly are some real challenges in which architects and interior designers seek to bring materials common extremes, so you can use in new contexts.

A material that is very old, however, offers me a tool for the realization of inner unique to say the least, is the resin, which is proposed as the main interpreter of new spaces and borders housing: resin floors are the alternative for those who want to bet to the creation or restructuring of environments that express at the same time elegance, charm and represent a strong tribute to modernity, being in fact valuable solutions, classy and innovative, but not overly expensive.

The effect that these floors create environments in which they are used is that of continuous spaces, fluids, in which the sensation is that of a floor that "does not exist" and not directly interacts with the environment, if not for the fact that I Valoriza the furniture and spaces, thanks to the absolute cleanliness of the design. But what we mean when we speak of resin floors? The resins are polymeric compounds that retain physical and chemical characteristics very similar to those of more conventional materials, such as cement, glass and ceramics and are therefore a quality solution ideal for creating environments that affect the beauty of their purity.

Another feature that certainly plays to the advantage of this new and innovative material for coatings is represented by the infinite possibilities of personalization that make this material the most original currently on the market, the compounds based resin can in fact assume very different aspects to Depending on the range of colors and textures or decorative elements of various types such as leaves, flowers or stones, then not counting the fact that during laying can be applied and several different techniques ranging from writing spatula to nuvolato.


The results in furniture / building are therefore potentially infinite, but the resin compounds are also ideal as a coating for decorative objects, furniture, walls and other objects, since they are very aesthetically pleasing, waterproof, dustproof and also very resistant.

The strength and versatility of this material is therefore ideal for covering both domestic surfaces-that they gain in elegance and clean lines-that floor and walls of a commercial or domestic use for garages or sheds, due to their peculiar anti-dust feature which is the main advantage compared to conventional coatings for walls and floors, masonry.

As mentioned previously the resins can also be used in the furniture industry, going to be an extremely lightweight yet durable coating for small furniture, such as tables, chairs, stools, or ornaments for design, very original and modern.



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