Deduction of expenses for meals accommodation: new circulars

Businesses and professionals can not always deduct all the VAT on purchases, a typical situation is when the expense is not documented by an invoice but by purchase receipt.

The remaining amount of the tax not deducted, however, becomes part of the cost of the asset is deductible for income tax / IRES and IRAP under the same conditions as the tax base.

A few months ago, however, the Inland Revenue, has beaten all the established practices by establishing, by resolution. 84/2009 a principle quite different with regard to a specific type of expenses: those for food and lodging.

The Agency has determined that, where the taxpayer would document the expenditure with purchase receipt, should separate the value of the VAT from the total price since it not only would not be deductible but not deductible.

This output Agency sparked outrage unanimous businesses and professionals. Not only did they see the legal basis, but moreover the big companies, who handle thousands of accounts every day, would be required in this complex operation to separate them. All this, of course, without considering the heavy tax burdens that come with it.

With circular no. 25/2010, the Inland Revenue is back on the subject and partially corrected the shot. It was confirmed the general rule and the separation deductibility for this reason: the taxpayer, for the expenses of its activity, is required to request an invoice, if not requires, obviously charges are not related and therefore are not deductible.


It is now expected, however, an exception. Accounting for receipts or received is less long and demanding that account for an invoice: if the taxpayer proves that it has requested invoice to save time and human resources, the inherence can not be denied and therefore non-deductible VAT returns to be deductible.




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