Environmental permits faster and easier with the Single Authorisation Environmental

This was expected for some time and finally got the Authorization unique environment. Now for the world of small and medium-sized enterprises environmental permits will be easier. The unique environmental regulation on the authorization was approved in first reading by the Government of September 14, 2012.

"The approval of the rules for the single authorization environment is a measure that will help the growth - said the Minister for Public Administration, Philip Patrons Griffi -. In fact, to avoid small and medium-sized enterprises to go around a thousand offices to have a license - he explains - on the contrary, now, entrepreneurs will have a single point of contact.

It is the implementation of one of the measures provided for in Decree simplifies Italy and demonstrates how the government is not limited only to make reforms but also to follow step by step that these are translated into reality. This is the first simplification of the resumption of work after the summer break. To this others will follow that will make life better for citizens and businesses. "

The unique environmental authorization may replace, in fact, up to seven different procedures (including the authorization to discharge industrial wastewater, authorization emissions into the atmosphere, the forecast documentation of acoustic impact, etc..).

The single application may be presented to the Single Desk for productive activities (Suap) and businesses will be able to have a single entity as a reference in contrast to what happens today that it must pass through the regions, provinces, municipalities and regional agencies for the Environment. To become effective, however, we must wait for the opinions of the Joint Conference of Parliamentary Committees.




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