Estimate on the amount of pensions for today's Young Professionals

In October, broke half uproar when President Antonio Mastrapasqua INPS said something that was barely recovered from the Corriere della Sera: "If we were to board the simulation of quasi-employees, we risk social upheaval." A phrase almost thrown out at a meeting Ania and of which the mainstream media barely noticed.

The web, however, not distracted, he raised the antennas and many blogs, newspapers and magazines telematics interpreted the words of Mastrapasqua in this way: there is no money for the precarious and their contributions are used only to pay the pensions of today. But if we say it around, the revolution started.

At that point, however, a small revolution broke out really. The tam tam sent fibrillation in the blogosphere and social networks, even the battleship took the field of Beppe Grillo and INPS had to put a patch with un'impacciata grinding.

What is certain, beyond the controversy, is that workers with project contracts or framed by quasi-employees are subject to the so-called 'segregated' INPS which provides a rate of contribution to 26.72% of the income, of which two thirds to be borne the employer and a third by the employee. It is a contributory mechanism that probably will ensure social security issues, on average, below the minimum pension. If it is not the absolute hunger, therefore, will be something that looks very much.

From the precarious young professionals in a broad sense, the music changes little. Biologists, psychologists, lawyers, or engineers who start work now, will be retired by check oscillating between 25 and 50% of your current income (between 1,200 and 1,600 Euros per month). An army of 1 million people and a multitude of young novice who perhaps can not even afford to go to rest.

The Corriere della Sera today remembers how this bad habit has kicked off with the Legislative Decree 509/94 (one year before the Dini reform), which states that professional liability insurance out of the public system and gain autonomy. Since then, pension category have seen fit to secure the future bankruptcies. And they have begun a close accounts that leads to discouraging results both in cases where the contribution system has been adopted in full or in cases where it has been overlooked or reconciled with the principle of pay. What do you hesitate? Pensions from hunger for many professionals and young people in general.

The professional speakers have the worry of solvency and the international crisis puts us above its load by 11. However, there is a law lying in Parliament (first signatory Nino Lo Presti, FLI) and which would guarantee a minimum of relief, providing the opportunity to enter in the calculation of social security part of the supplementary contribution paid by the professionals. "But you could do more - to explain Corsera Antonio Pastor, a member of the board of directors of the Italian Chartered Accountants - Propose professionals to pour a little 'more than subjective contribution in exchange for a share of supplementary pension on the mountain. It is a device that, without great sacrifice, might become more expensive pensions bloodless younger. "

It should be noted, finally, that the privatized banks have had a heavy crash in the summer with Economy Minister Tremonti because of the corrective action that the July (Article 8, paragraph 15) was trying to get one's hands on institutions by extending to them the cuts imposed on the public administration. The ADEPP, the association that represents the 27 social security professionals, judged those standards a "heavy assault on our autonomy."



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