News for auto insurance, digital services, free zones, Digital Agenda in the Decree Development 2012 bis

The new Development Decree bis, approved by the Government Monti on October 4th, devotes ample space to the chapter of the so-called Digital Agenda. With the green light to the decree, increase, in fact, digital services for citizens, who will have a single electronic document, valid as health card, through which relate with the public administration, a new electronic ID card; prescriptions digital electronic file for students and digital books.

Since the academic year 2013-2014, it will be introduced the electronic file of the student and schools will gradually be possible to adopt textbooks in digital version only, or combined with the printed version.

Green light also to electronic health records (ESF), which will contain all the digital data relating to health and social health of the citizen, to which every citizen will have its own electronic health records, available in any region of Italy, with all its digital data to health and community health. Once this electronic file, public health facilities and private accredited will be able to keep the medical records only in digital form.

The electronic health records will be strictly free. Even the recipes will become digital in 2015 and will also be electronic tickets for bus and metro. The decree also provides for the new requirement for Pa to communicate via certified mail and to publish information online in an open format and re-usable by everyone.

News provided by Dl Development bis also with regard to Rc car: the decree, in fact, first determine the disappearance of tacit renewal, for which the insurance contract may not be concluded for a period not exceeding one year and may be tacitly renewed . At the time of maturity of the policy, the insured will therefore be free to change the company.

Then comes the so-called basic contract of insurance with the minimum clauses necessary to fulfill the obligation of the law and organized according to merit classes and types of insured. The price of the base contract, and further guarantees and clauses may be freely established by the company itself.

New features coming also to combat insurance fraud. To this end, the Ivass, Institute for the supervision of private insurance and collective interest, will be tasked to analyze, process and evaluate the information obtained from the archive and integrated computerized information and documentation received from insurance companies and the insurance brokers, in order to identify cases of suspected fraud and to establish a mechanism of preventive alert against fraud.

But the news of the Development dl a concern because even the so-called urban zones: These are areas for which the Italian government has come up with a recovery plan. For more neighborhoods are characterized by socio-economic degradation, to boost by encouraging the emergence of small and micro-enterprises through tax exemptions and benefits for several years, leading to the formation of thousands of jobs.

Article 37 bis of Law Decree provides for the possibility of development, within the context of reprogramming of the Action Plan cohesion, part of the resources assigned to the financing of the types of tax and social contribution of Law 296 of 2006, that exemption from payment of tax income tax, IRAP, property tax and contributions on salaries of employees for small and micro businesses in some specific areas.

The resources will be allocated to Campania, Calabria, Sicily and Puglia, more precisely in Torre Annunziata, Naples, Mondragone, Crotone, Lamezia Terme, Rossano Calabro, Gela, Catania, Erice, Taranto, Lecce, Andria.




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