Rates Discount consultants working for Young Entrepreneurs

The Ministry for Youth and the National Order of employment consultants have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will meet the many small VAT registration open to young people (often without alternative employment).

In the agreement, employment experts have agreed to adopt a substantial discount on the rates normally applied when the customer is an individual entrepreneur with less than thirty-five years, or a company of any kind in which the majority of members is formed, even in this case , from infratrentacinquenni.

The protocol will soon find a formal consecration with the inclusion of the discount in the national tariff labor consultants, currently contained in D. M.430/1992.

But what is the discount? In practice, customers will be applied to only the minimum fees for each type of service, not least because they have never been updated since 1992, amounts are significantly lower than the standard market rate.

The discount, of course, will always be: will be granted for the first two years of activity. The reference to the first two years of operation (and not professional relationships at the same studio) avoid the risk of the customer, the two-year period expired at the consultant Tom, then go to turn to professional Caio to enjoy another two years off.

But the Protocol also provides for cooperation between the Ministry and the Order in other directions. For example, youth associations that participate in the ministerial future calls will benefit from the assistance of consultants working for the stages of formation and development of associations.

The consultants, finally, have pledged to carry out a study of the cognitive reality of employment and contracts in existence today, to draw a picture on the rights of employees in individual situations.




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