Request subsidized loans for starting a startup: procedures, requirements, standards

We start from the basic concept for entrepreneurial activity, linked to the discourse of financing the start-up, is any form of business is in the form of sole proprietorship of microenterprise. Specifically we mean both self-employment as a law firm or a liberal profession of shops, businesses and small / medium enterprises. Without this premise, let us subsidized loans and a grant for the Start Up of new businesses. Obtaining financing for the opening of a business by exploiting the channel loans or bank loans has become virtually impossible given the "difficulty" of the banks to lend. But besides being almost impossible, it is also a solution is not affordable in light of the fact that you can get substantial discounts and contributions from organizations and National Agencies for the Development of Enterprise Development such as Italy or INVITALIA just to name a few.

This road is also much cheaper funding applications through calls is basically because the calls are almost always related activities that already exist and have been initiated and the fact that the process "bureaucratic" and time for participation in competitions is very complex.

Instead, the steps to follow to apply for funding through the start-up organizations and agencies involved are very simple and depart from the realization of a project idea and a proper business plan.

This means that you need to have very clear ideas about what you want to accomplish and at the same time provide a detailed explanation, after careful market analysis, the advantages and disadvantages of the opening of the new firm also linked to the discourse of the potential market demand and territorial competition.

In addition, you must provide a complete business plan with the list of items and related costs necessary for the opening of the activity: the possible costs of rent until the costs for the purchase of tools and machinery useful to perform their duties.

That said, it is fair to point out that it is necessary to have certain requirements to be able to apply for funding start-ups. Basically they are two:

1. the status of unemployment

2. maximum age of 36 years for the applicant or for the majority of the applicants in the case of companies with more members

Concerning point 1) then you must specify that the applicant future employer on the date of submission of the application should neither have no contract of employment and no Vat (actually should not have made any request to open a VAT). In fact, the request for the opening of the VAT registration must be done only at a later stage to the submission of the grant application, even just on the day following the submission of the grant application.

That said, let's see what kind of funding you can ask for in terms of money and what types of facilities are provided.

As mentioned earlier, you can apply for funding start-up is that in the case of Self-Employment microenterprise. In the first case the maximum funding is circa25.000 euro while in the second case of about 130,000 EUR.

In both cases, the proposed funding is as follows: grant funding for 50% of eligible expenditure requests and a subsidized loan for the remaining 50%. It is good to clarify that qualifying expenditure means all those expenses that the institutions and agencies responsible for providing the financing considered valid and useful for the start of the company such as the purchase of capital goods, while the so-called intangible assets such as could be the advertising costs or training in general are not eligible.

Flying on a 50% grant funding is just better explain what is the interest loan. For subsidized loan means a bank loan for all purposes to be achieved by the Entity or Agency Development Companies with an interest rate much better than the normal rate, and must be returned by the applicant within a maximum of three years obtaining the funding.

From all this it is clear that this form of financing (subsidized and grants) is an ideal and convenient way to create new businesses, more so for the fact that there are no deadlines in the submission of applications, there are no ratings (it comes in this case of requests to stop or if you prefer to requests that are taken into account and possibly financed in chronological order of submission of the application) and which are not required or warranties nor guarantees, and equity.

In short, it is easier to do business with the Finance Start Up.





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