What are the main features of the base current account?

The Maneuver Save Italy has introduced a limit of one thousand euro for cash payments in order to enhance the traceability of money and the use of electronic payment systems to limit the payments in black and tax evasion. This has posed a problem for those who do not have a bank account to withdraw such a pension above the thousand euro or salary. For this reason it is coming in the current account base, a type of bank account, potentially without fee or stamp duty and characterized by unlimited ATM withdrawals. In fact, the base account that was created to the financial and social inclusion of the population is proposed for all consumers, even those that have an account already in place. For them, however, is expected to pay an annual fee inclusive (which will be defined by various lenders), which becomes free for the disadvantaged sections of the population.

In particular, the basic account is free of charge and free from stamp duty for consumers to cuiISEE valid is less than € 7,500.

Those who want to avail of free current account basis must submit a self-certification stating that they are not holders of other basic account and have un'ISEE less than 7,500 Euros. The application form, as well as at the time of opening the account should be submitted each year by 1 March, or charges of fees and stamp duty.

The basic account for the disadvantaged sections of the population (called type A) does not provide discovered and will be offered both by the banks, which by the Italian Post Office that payment by the other institutions. The base account type A includes: the issue of debit card with unlimited movements, 6 withdrawals per year of the counter cash, unlimited withdrawals by ATM atm the same banking group and 12 per year in other banks, national direct debit transactions SEPA or unlimited, 12 recurring payments via bank. 6 And again, non-recurring payments by bank, 12 payments in cash and check payments, 36 payments received by bank (including crediting of salary and pension). It is also proposed to send an annual communications of transparency and 4 statements and position papers.

For retirees who exceed the limit of 7,500 € Isee and have a board up to 1500 euro months it is possible to apply for a basic account type A with reduced rent, or on behalf of a particular base, called type B. The latter provides a fee-free, payment of stamp duty for stocks over 5 million euro and a more limited number of operations with respect to the base account A. According to estimates by the ABI basic account could reach an audience of 850,000 pensioners without bank account and postal account.

In short, the proposed offer for this account base looks good and might even have success among consumers, thanks to the limit of the payment in cash of the fact that forces the use of a checking account. Recall that it is not the first time that the ABI study a current account with favorable characteristics to promote financial inclusion for consumers, but both the basic banking service that the simple current account have had little success in the past.





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