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There are many applications now available for free or for business software professionals. Those who work with the email will be delighted to discover Zimbra Desktop application for managing email, contacts and appointments, compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux that allows a single application to manage all the information related to productivity, read email from POP or IMAP account, including the services of Gmail, Hotmail or business.

Another solution for those who need to constantly e-mail address is being phplist: runs on Windows and Linux, is free, easy to use and ideal for the creation of newsletters, sending of advertising, notices or any other use in connection with the sending e-mail to multiple recipients.

You can manage hundreds of thousands of users and create multiple lists. It was born as an alternative to Microsoft Office, 3, which includes word processor, a spreadsheet, a tool to make presentations, create graphs, manage databases, is available in many languages and works on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

This software allows you to record in different formats open all the data processed and allows you to edit or create documents compatible with Microsoft Office. For those, however, must manage the accounting and cured in a timely, GnuCash is free software available for Windows, Max OS and Linux that allows you to keep track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.

Particular features of this software is the ability to double-entry bookkeeping, accounting for small businesses, billing and more. Data can be imported from programs like Microsoft Money and Quicken and be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

However, those who work and makes use of images, you can rely on GIMP, open source software that deals with the manipulation of images and secono the views of many stands as the only viable alternative to Adobe's Photoshop. Gimp is compatible with the image files to levels used by the major graphics programs to payment, including Photoshop PSD, and allows its users to edit images, create logos, pictures and all correct according to your needs.

Another new free antivirus is for. It's called ClamAV and is an application available on Windows and Linux that offers integrated support for the analysis of the most popular document formats, including PDF and HTML pages, so check that texts and documents received or sent are not infected .



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