Removing Eternit: some tips to reduce the cost of disposal

The asbestos disposal costs depend on several factors, but there are some tips that you can follow to minimize them.

Asbestos, a mineral very dangerous for your health, it is now present in many of our homes or in the workplace in the form of asbestos cement, more commonly known as Eternit, the name of that first and widely began to produce in the second half of the twentieth century.

Today, after it was discovered that asbestos is harmful to health, it is necessary to remove the asbestos present often in the form of tanks, chimneys, roofing, piping, etc ... 

The cost for the disposal of Eternit unfortunately can be very supported and depends on several factors.

First, the cost per unit weight of eternity, which varies from company to company and region to region. Obviously the more increases the amount of Eternit to dispose more reduce costs.

Normally firms indicate the costs for removal per Kg Knowing therefore that: 1 square meter of asbestos weighs about 15 kg and that the cost per square meter for the removal varies from 5 to 10 euro per square meter is easy to set pricing to remove 'asbestos.

To these costs must be added those related to the landfill. Even in this case the costs for disposal eternit decrease as the quantity but increase in function of the distance of the place to be reclaimed from the landfill. Generally speaking of 20-30 cents per Kg plus the cost for the carriage which, as mentioned, increases as a function of distance.

We must also consider the cost of the inspections and the installation of any necessary equipment, such as scaffolding.

To save on costs then asbestos disposal is important to rely on companies that have experience in the field (to avoid risks associated with the removal), which are close to the place where it is necessary to carry out the remediation (so you save on energy costs for the inspection ), which perform a large number of interventions so that they have a lot of material to be used in landfills and thus save on the cost of delivery.




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