Home renovation and maintenance: decalogue anti scams and controversies

Traditionally, there are few people who think in September to fix the house - repairing what is damaged or renovating what is no more than their taste. If you are not a craftsman of trust to turn to, how to choose the plumber, carpenter or any other worker with the certainty of not overpay? To help move through defective pipes and shelves to be applied without encountering any disappointments, the National Union of Consumers (Unc) has published a handbook anti-scams and controversies.

The successful applicant: a question of trust

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you choose a craftsman to carry out a job, it starts a "works contract", governed by articles 2222 and following of the Civil Code. A key characteristic of this relationship is to be based on trust, allowing the consumer to withdraw at any time subject to payment of the work performed.

Careful selection and feet of lead

Caution is the guiding principle that consumers should follow in choosing the person to whom to entrust the work. Good idea, first of all, is to turn workers who belong to the Chamber of Commerce, avoiding to respond to advertisements in which there is no address of the registered and a fixed number of those who propose as a craftsman. In any case, before giving way to the work it is good to request a quote written by so doing, if not everything proceeded according to the agreements, you can ask the person undertaking the work to stop his activities within a reasonable period, more than where you can withdraw from the contract and demand compensation for damage.

Keep everything ... and nothing in black

Better not be in a hurry to close the "Chapter restructuring." It is recommended that, in fact, keep the spare parts that have been replaced, so as to have tangible evidence of the work done. To get away from scams, then, it is essential not to give in to the lure of lower prices if paid in black: in case of problems, in fact, it is essential to have in your hands an invoice in which, on the letterhead of the company, are shown in detail costs and parts replaced.


The price is too high? You can go to the judge

The bill is crucial even if you feel that the compensation requested by the person undertaking the work is too high. In this case, you can pay a lower sum, sull'artigiano by shifting the burden of proving that the work merits greater consideration. In cases of clearly disproportionate economic demands, finally, you can refuse to pay, reserving the right to submit the job to a judge or an expert for a detailed assessment.




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