How can I request a refund of life insurance policies prescribed: procedures and time required deadline

Thanks to the decree Growth 2.0 the statute of limitations on life insurance policies are no longer equal to two but ten years. So there is more time for the money to be returned to the rightful beneficiaries, and for this reason the so-called dormant policies was initiated by a notice of CONSAP Dealership public insurance services, and the MED, the Ministry of Economic Development. The news was just that the Ministry has published online the application for reimbursement to fill out, sign and send to Rome just at the Dealership Insurance Services

The deadline for the submission of applications for reimbursement of dormant policies were opened last Wednesday, February 13, 2013, and will close on April 15, 2013. As well as the parties may request the redemption of policies dormant delegates, guardians, and the agents, among others, also the heirs and legal representatives. Among the documents, in addition to the copy of the bill, you must also attach a copy of the tax code and the identification document front and back.



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