Loans with maxi final installment: what they are and for the purchase of what goods are used

The car finance with maxi final installment of the loans are installment for the purchase of a new or used. Their characteristic feature is to provide a repayment plan with the very low rate initial and final installment with a maxi.

Usually the big final installment can vary from a minimum of 30% up to a maximum of 90% of the cost of the loan. Among the advantages, therefore, the sustainability of initial monthly payments, to which is added the possibility to refinance maxi installment. In essence, it will always be possible to extend the term of the loan.

And 'possible to request this type of financing directly from your dealer, who will take charge of the presentation and management of the practice, until his approval. The sum granted varies depending on the type of car purchased. For used cars, as a rule, the maximum amount obtainable loan is 30,000 Euros, while for new cars this sum reaches up to 45,000 euro.

The applicant shall reimburse the loan installments obtained using a debit to your bank account, for a maximum duration of 48 months. But as mentioned, if you have not able or do not want to pay the final installment maxi all together, you can always rifinanziarla lengthening the duration of the initial funding.

By the very nature of the repayment plan, plus interest accrued with respect to a loan with fixed installments. Therefore, this type of financing will be carefully evaluated not only according to that which is his income and economic, but also according to that which is its convenience in relation to the value of the car itself over time. For this reason it is often recommended to those who buy valuable car, because the maxi installment might be welded reselling the vehicle itself.




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