What's new provisions of Decree 2012 for infrastructure, transport, construction and territory?

The Council of Ministers approved the decree introducing new infrastructure and simplifications in the productive sectors crucial to the country's development, such as infrastructure, transport, construction and territory.

The bill introduces, among other things, the public consultation for the realization of the works of strategic interest and also provides for the reduction of charges to encourage the recovery of existing buildings. The public consultation aims to increase the level of involvement of local communities in the process of realization of strategic projects for the country.

Building renovation: updated guide to deductions of 50% of the Decree Development

The guide to tax breaks for building renovations Revenue Agency has been updated to the latest innovations introduced by the Development Decree. The text is a handbook that explains how to properly request the benefit and to navigate between the various formalities required by law in order to obtain the deduction of income tax expense from tax.

The legislation has been amended several times and the guide follows the evolution bringing the latest news. First of all the increase of the percentage of expenditure to be deducted, dal36 temporarily increased to 50%, up to 30 June 2013 (maximum € 96,000). About the application of the benefit is schematized by 36 or 50% depending on the tax period of reference of expenditure:

How to choose the mortgage: fixed rates, variable rates, protections and risks

Between rising prices and the difficulties of Italian families to obtain mortgages from banks at the time that increasingly require guarantees, marks a new period of crisis, the Italian real estate market. Yet there are those who continue to buy and asks whether it is better to choose the variable rate mortgage rather than a fixed rate.

The answer right now is yes, yes, the convenience of variable current is strong, considering the new rate cut applied by the ECB, which has literally collapse the cost of monthly installments. The 3-month Euribor has slipped around 0.5% and the monthly index fell below 0.25.

What is it and how does the financial transaction tax (Tobin Tax)?

There are several new measures contained in the Stability Law 2012-2013 has just been approved by the government and among them include that refers to the introduction in Italy of so-called Tobin Tax, which raise funds, along with the spending review, the resources to give implementing some of the new measures Dl.

The Tobin Tax is a tax on financial transactions, introduced in 1972 by Nobel Laureate in Economics James Tobin, to hit all transactions on the markets with the objective of stabilizing the markets, penalizing short-term currency speculation.

Charges not reasonable income. In such cases the IRS sends letters of assessment and how to respond?

300 thousand are the letters sent by the IRS to taxpayers who have incurred expenses that are not compatible with the tax return. Let's see how and whether reply.

The IRS has sent letters to well 300 thousand taxpayers who have incurred expenditure (in 2010) is not compatible with your income tax return for 2011.

In the letters the IRS claims to have detected expenses that apparently seem to be incompatible with the declared income in the same year, in addition to this statement the IRS has also attached all the expenses that are "suspicious".

Minimum annual amount to be put out to tender for the provision of engineering services and architecture after repeal minimum rates

The authority for the supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies with Resolution no. 49 of 2012 intervened in the fees to be put out to tender for the provision of engineering services and architecture following the abrogation of the professional fees.

In fact, as a consequence of the entry into force of art. 9 of Decree Law of 24 January 2012, n. 1, converted into law March 24, 2012, n. 27, which provided for the repeal of the professional fees, the Authority for the Supervision of public contracts for works, services and supplies has organized a round table with stakeholders and relevant institutions, in order to consult the market to provide guidance to contracting authorities on how to identify the considerations to be put out to tender for the provision of engineering services and architecture - including those contained in the procurement of design and execution of public works of art. 53, paragraph 1, lett. b) and c) of Legislative Decree n. 163 of 2006 - as well as about the procedures for determining the requirements for participation in the tender and verify the consistency of the tenders.

How much are the deductions for building renovations and for energy efficiency?

The Development Decree (DL 83/2012) has completed its process of converting. Became law was published in the Official Gazette (Law 134/2012). Here's the bonus for working on renewed energy efficiency and building renovations.

The deduction of 50% for the costs of building renovation

For it no change during the process of conversion, remains as determined by the Development Decree (Article 11). In summary, the bonus income tax of 36% goes to 50%, with expenditure ceiling duplicated, and therefore amounted to EUR 96 thousand. Benefit that will last until 30 June 2013, and then decreased to 36% from 1 July 2013 (cost cap back to 48 thousand euro).

What are the main features of the base current account?

The Maneuver Save Italy has introduced a limit of one thousand euro for cash payments in order to enhance the traceability of money and the use of electronic payment systems to limit the payments in black and tax evasion. This has posed a problem for those who do not have a bank account to withdraw such a pension above the thousand euro or salary. For this reason it is coming in the current account base, a type of bank account, potentially without fee or stamp duty and characterized by unlimited ATM withdrawals. In fact, the base account that was created to the financial and social inclusion of the population is proposed for all consumers, even those that have an account already in place. For them, however, is expected to pay an annual fee inclusive (which will be defined by various lenders), which becomes free for the disadvantaged sections of the population.

In particular, the basic account is free of charge and free from stamp duty for consumers to cuiISEE valid is less than € 7,500.

How to get a personal loan of honor and who can use them?

The funding system provides the favorable conditions for certain categories, such as young people and women. Fits into this perspective, the so-called honor loans, introduced by Decree Law 185 of 21/04/1985.

This particular type of loan was created to encourage entrepreneurship in the regions of South Italia.Ne can benefit self-employed, small businesses (partnerships, on a collective or limited partnership, the new constitution) and franchise business.

Minimum requirement of access for small businesses is that 50% of members with at least 50% of shares at the time of the request has reached the age of majority is not occupied by at least 6 months, has the residence from January 1, 2000 in the areas designated as disadvantaged and where there is an imbalance between demand and supply of labor. Specifically it is the regions under the EU Structural Funds, as listed in the Council Regulation of 20 July 1993 n.2081 and then Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

Investing in stocks, bonds and government securities. What is the best investment during the crisis?

Having a heritage to defend and do not know where to orientate in this time of crisis the euro area and the global crisis in which reigns particular uncertainty in the markets.

Some investment advice for those who want to 'protect' a figure of around 100 thousand euro, propose to navigate, always in a diversified manner, to bonds, equities and bonds.

First of all, experts advise to choose the equity component obviously based on the risk tolerance and your time horizon (for an aggressive risk profile, particularly the incidence of equity may also exceed 50%).

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