All the news in 2011 for the financial professional engineers: engineers insurance obligation, free advertising for professional activity, compensation engineer

The budget 2011 bis, approved on 14/09/2011, introduces many new features for professionals.

In this article we summarize the most significant, bringing the full text in the queue.

The part of the maneuver, which introduces changes for the profession is Title II: Liberalization, privatization and other measures to promote development.

The provisions shall apply within a year from the date of entry into force of the law converting Decree

Mandatory professional liability insurance for professionals with the 2011 budget package

The budget 2011 bis, finally approved on 14/09/2011, brings many new features for freelancers. In this article we focus on what is a fundamental but often overlooked: the insurance professional.

Title II of the maneuver (Liberalization, privatization and other measures to encourage the development), Article 3, fifth subparagraph, point (e) establishes an obligation for all professionals to adopt a liability policy for damage resulting from ' exercise of professional activity.

Definition and operation of sector studies

Industry study

Sector studies are a tool that the IRS uses to detect the fundamental parameters of professionals, self-employed and businesses.

The main part consists of the systematic collection of data that characterize the activity and the economic environment in which the company operates, in order to evaluate its ability to produce real income and are used for determining induction of artists and professionals and businesses.

Controls sector studies: types incongruity

As opposed to what is easy to think, the Inland Revenue believes that the deviations between the average level of income declared and presumptive calculated by field studies are more likely to escape than the index most significant differences.

And is therefore concentrated on the first that will controls.

This is the unexpected indication that the direction of the Revenue issued at its investigators with circular no. 13/2009, which are given directions on how to use the powerful tool of sector studies in investigations conducted this year.

Features Regime of the Minims 2012: who can benefit from it, which ensures benefits, amount substitute tax, no withholding tax

The Inland Revenue emanates two measures expected to implement the new regime introduced by the last financial and fiscal 2012, which replaced the old flat-rate schemes. For the lucky few that will include the big change from the past is that the fees are not subject to withholding tax. Will also be a part of - if they satisfy the requirements - even those who had adhered to the regime of the new initiatives and the ordinary, but always, within the time limits prescribed by the regulations.

Law Revenue Agency concerning building renovations: 36% withholding on transfers

Below is the measure of 'Inland Revenue, n. 94288/2010 of 30 June 2010 concerning the execution of the withholding tax pursuant to Article 25 of the Decree-Law of 31 May 2010, n. 78, payments on credit transfers arranged by taxpayers to benefit from deductible expenses or for which it is a tax deduction, such as for example credit for renovations and energy conservation.

The standard has hit the main purpose of tax evasion, as well as produce a benefit to the IRS that in this way can cash out in advance.

Therefore, hoping to be helpful to all those who need it public the full text.

Rates Discount consultants working for Young Entrepreneurs

The Ministry for Youth and the National Order of employment consultants have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will meet the many small VAT registration open to young people (often without alternative employment).

In the agreement, employment experts have agreed to adopt a substantial discount on the rates normally applied when the customer is an individual entrepreneur with less than thirty-five years, or a company of any kind in which the majority of members is formed, even in this case , from infratrentacinquenni.

Process ThyssenKrupp judgment Corte D'Assise

Over 16 years managing director for 10 years to 13 years for another 5 leaders, 1 million EUR and other sanctions pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/01 the company, heavy damages in favor of plaintiffs, local authorities, trade unions and associations. Of R. Dubini.

The serious condemnation of individuals and of the legal person

By judgment of the Court of Assizes of Turin on 15 April 2011 closed the trial began Jan. 15, 2009 following the accident occurred December 6, 2007 to 5th line ThyssenKrupp steelworks in Turin in which they died due to the fire Joseph de Masi (23 years), Angelo Laurino (43 years old), Rosario Rodino (26), Bruno Santino (26 years), Rocco March (54 years), Roberto March (54 years), Roberto Scola (32 years), Antonio Schiavone (36 years old).

Deduction of expenses for meals accommodation: new circulars

Businesses and professionals can not always deduct all the VAT on purchases, a typical situation is when the expense is not documented by an invoice but by purchase receipt.

The remaining amount of the tax not deducted, however, becomes part of the cost of the asset is deductible for income tax / IRES and IRAP under the same conditions as the tax base.

A few months ago, however, the Inland Revenue, has beaten all the established practices by establishing, by resolution. 84/2009 a principle quite different with regard to a specific type of expenses: those for food and lodging.

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