Public buildings and energy production: funding

"Financing of Projects examples of energy production from renewable sources of public buildings": this is the object of the new public notice signed by Direzione General for nuclear energy, renewable energy and efficiency energeticadel Ministry of Economic Development. It is the start of a new procedure for the support of innovative projects relating to publicly owned buildings located in Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily, for a total of twenty million euro.

Again renewable sources and energy efficiency are the focus of an initiative linked to incentives targeted at the areas the Convergence objective. After the opportunities for small, medium and large businesses open last month by the MSE, the new year starts with a measure of support that regards asset of Public Administration: Municipalities, Provinces, Mountain Communities, Regions, Universities and Ministries can present their projects for their property - as long as located in four regions of the south - from 1 to 20 April 2011 and forecast contribution equal to 100% of eligible expenses.

The funding will draw on the resources made available by the Interregional Operational Programme (POI) Energy 2007-2013 (research 1.3 "Interventions to support the production of energy from renewable sources in the context of energy efficiency of buildings and energy utilities or public public use "), which includes among its main objectives to increase the share of energy from renewable sources and improving energy efficiency, while promoting the local development opportunities and new jobs.

The contributions - which can not be combined with any other form of contribution or incentive to income, it 'with any form of tax relief - may be disbursed for projects that provide:

 cogeneration and tri-generation high-performance powered by renewable sources:

 solar thermal systems, also with the solar cooling system;

 geothermal heat pumps with low enthalpy;

 wind farms operating under the net metering.

For eligible expenses, in the notice are:

 technical costs related to design, construction supervision, testing and certification facilities;

 supply of goods, materials and components necessary for the realization of the project;

 installation and installation of production facilities of electricity and / or heat from renewable sources

 any building works strictly necessary for the implementation of the intervention;

 data acquisition systems and performance analysis for monitoring;

 costs relating to the advertising of the notices, such sums at the disposal of the contracting authority, within the maximum limit of 2% of the total amount of work fixed as the basis of race.

In addition to the full text of the public notice on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, you can find all the information necessary to participate in the initiative, which had been anticipated during the presentation of the POI Energy in the course of an info-day held in Catanzaro on November 25, in which it was stated that the goal of the Program is to fund energy production plants, but to support renewable energy through the development of productive chains necessary for the production of energy and components, attributing to the territories concerned a leading role in the sustainable economic development.

In this context, the Ministry of Economic Development presented the results of the Notice on the Line 1.3, with funding of 106 projects in four regions.




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