Renewables: incompatibility subsidies and incentives

The Energy Services Operator (ESO) spoke about the compatibility of incentives for renewable energy with tax benefits, excluding this possibility.

The opinion that the GSE is based on what has been said in this regard by the Ministry of Economic Development and that is that it is not possible to accumulate tax breaks, such as those provided by the Tremonti-ter, with incentives (green certificates and all inclusive rate) paid to the production of renewable energy for plants commissioned after 30 June 2009.

The tax relief on investments prepared by Tremonti terconsiste, in fact, a saving of expense and, as such, can not be combined with incentives for renewable energy.

And 'possible, however, the cumulation in the case of biomass plants supply chain (Green Certificates + grants) or installations owned farms or at least co-managed with farms (inclusive tariffs + government grants).

The limit of cumulation is fixed at 40% of the investment.




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