Treatment unemployment in the construction sector

What's this?

The special treatment of unemployment for the construction industry is a benefit paid to workers in the construction industry who have been fired, when they occur:

• cessation of business operations;

• completion of construction or the individual phases of work;

• reduction of staff.

This treatment is no longer recognized against those who resigns voluntarily, but only in case of dismissal (except for workers on maternity leave).

Requirements that need to access it?

To get the special treatment of the worker, in the two years preceding the date of the dismissal, he must submit:

• at least 10 monthly contributions or 43 weekly contributions for their work in the construction sector;

• registration as unemployed.

What a treat it is up to those who request it?

It is up to the employee, for the first 12 months of the year 100% of the treatment of extraordinary redundancy fund received or which would be payable in the period immediately preceding the dismissal, within the limits of a maximum monthly amount established by law. For subsequent periods, it is 80% of that amount.

The treatment is paid every month and is paid by INPS for 90 days.

In the presence of particular requirements can last 18 or 27 months.

To those who made the request and how long?

The application must be made to INPS within two years from the date of dismissal on the appropriate forms available from the offices.

The treatment starts:

• the first day of unemployment in the case in which the registration as unemployed is made within seven days following the date of dismissal;

• the date of registration as unemployed in other cases.

The treatment is stopped when the employee:

• has received all the days of special treatment;

• starts a new job;

• is canceled, for whatever reason, from the lists of the unemployed;

• becoming entitled to a direct pension (old-age pension, retirement, early retirement pension, disability pension or disability allowance).

Recourse may be had, to whom?

In case the application is rejected the person concerned may appeal, on plain paper, the Provincial Committee of INPS, within 90 days from the date of receipt of the letter with which you communicate the refusal.

The appeal, addressed to the Provincial Committee, can be:

• presented at the counters of INPS office that rejected the application;

• sent to the See of INPS for registered mail with return receipt requested;

• presented by one of the institutions of patronage recognized by law.

The appeal must be accompanied by all the documents necessary.




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