Drawing with Autocad LT: complete course

An entire course in drawing with autocad lt

It is a course on software design world's most used: Autodesk Autocad lt

This course Tutor CAD LT 2000 is the evolution of a series of courses in VHS video and CD-Rom produced by the company Work in Progress since 1990 with version 10. Work in Progress was one of the first ATC, AutoCAD Authorized Training Center, in Italy from 1989 until 1994.

It has now been rewritten to be used in network and as a first test of the use of new teaching methodologies.

Objective of the course: The course is aimed primarily at those who start using AutoCAD LT. Provides the information needed to use the program in technical drawing. The only skills required are those relating to traditional technical drawing.

The lessons are structured in 12 teaching modules (short whatever is available) and provide the basic tools of knowledge to use the program in a productive way. The topics are always supplemented by examples of application in the drawing. At the end of each module of the test will be available for verification of your level of learning.


Daldisegno-traditional CAD

The scale of the drawing-

-Setting designs

-The design information

-The design model

-The accuracy of the drawing

-Interface AutoCAD

-How to use AutoCAD LT

-Using the keyboard

-The drop-down menu


-Slide Menu

-Using the Mouse

-The coordinate system

Coordinates of a point-

Relative coordinates Cartesian-

Relative coordinates polar-


Global and User-

-Convention of the right hand

-How to start a drawing

-Creating a new design

-Preferences and units of measurement



-Management Layer

-Drawing Tools

-Including Objects

-Object Properties











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