How often must be made boiler control: time intervals prescribed by law

According to the surveys of Confartigianato, no more than 70% of citizens do proper maintenance of the boilers. And, in the last 4 years - according to the statistics of the Italian Gas Committee - due to the malfunctioning of gas plants, were recorded every year, on average 163 accidents. The incidents are concentrated in the North (3 out of 4 incidents) and were caused by insufficient air exchange of the local (4 of 10 incidents), followed by the lack of maintenance (2 of 10 incidents). The plants most at risk are independent boilers (due to accident 1 to 3), followed by water heaters and cooking appliances, responsible for 2 out of 10 incidents each.

So there's little to worry. And, while consumer groups are competing in giving advice and draw up decalogues of decalogues, say the difficult question: what should be done every boiler maintenance? It 'really mandatory to have it checked every year on your system?

The Legislative Decree 192/2005, which regulates the time and manner of inspection of systems, states that: "for the power systems rated hearth greater than or equal to 35 kW" (Monthly centralized ones, for example) the tests must be carried out at least annually, whether of plants fueled by liquid or solid fuel, whether it be for gas fired plants (Appendix L, paragraph 1, par. a).

Works with power less than 35 kW (almost all of those self-medium sized apartments) must be checked every two years if "the heat generator has a seniority installation more than eight years and for installations with generator hot water heat-hearth fireplace (not forced draft) installed in places where people live. " For other power plants with less than 35kW, therefore boilers with forced draft and those not located in open hearth in living areas, the decree establishes an obligation to control even every four years (Appendix L, paragraph 1, par. Bc) .

So for small plants would not seem necessary to the annual inspection, the cost of which is on average about 60/70 Euros for routine maintenance, € 150 with combustion control that anyway, even before this reform, it was mandatory every two years. Help consumers in collaboration with the defense of the citizen movement (mdc) carried out a survey on the cost of revision of the boilers in our country. (Read more)

Given the continuing increases in bills, that at least these expenses is possible to make them when it is really necessary! Attention then why practice is, by the same maintenance personnel to notify you by telephone users the expiry of the annual inspection: almost all secure the appointment, thinking of a legal obligation.

In summary:

Smoke control (with attached cleaning) every 4 years: if the boiler has less than 8 years, and is sealed or placed outside the apartment.

Smoke control (with attached cleaning) every two years: if the boiler has more than 8 years and is sealed or placed outside the apartment.

If the boiler is installed less than 8 years old, but is not sealed and installed inside the house, the thermal performance tests should be carried out every two years.



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