LED lighting: strong growth in Italy and in the world

Italy controls 16.3% of the European market for LED lamps, a percentage that moves a total of 12.8 million euro. The sudden growth of this market in our country is mainly due to the use of LED lighting in architecture, both in high-profile commercial projects both in residential projects. It is also expected that future growth will be fueled by other sectors such as retail.

Analysis "World LED Lighting Market" conducted by Frost & Sullivan shows that the global market earned revenues of € 343.3 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach $ 1,325,100,000 of euro in 2017. From an initial penetration of the lighting market by 3%, the light emitting diodes are in fact destined to become the dominant technology for the future of lighting.

In a broader perspective, Europe is the second largest market globally, with an increasing demand fueled by favorable policies to energy saving lighting. In 2010, the European market share was estimated at 78.4 million euro, with Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Italy just in my head.

In Europe and North America have already been taken to dispose of incandescent lighting systems with the consequent imposition of minimum efficiency for lighting technologies. This will lead to the replacement of incandescent lighting systems with equivalent systems that are more efficient from the energy point of view, such as LEDs.

While developments in LED technology will make it better in the long run, it is still the most expensive lighting technology on the market. Currently, the price difference between LED lamps and other efficient technologies from the point of view of energy - such as compact fluorescent light bulbs, also known as energy saving light bulbs - is significant. Although it is expected that these price differences are reduced over time, this factor will limit their widespread adoption by end users.




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