Problems receiving digital terrestrial television: a guide to the controls and checks to do

After months and months of waiting has finally arrived in your city digital terrestrial TV. Indeed, to say the truth is even more than a month past the fateful Switch-off regions of central Italy.

They got so many new channels, high definition and interactivity. But if you still can not see some digital channels, even though you are properly equipped to receive the new TV set-top box or a TV with integrated digital tuner, and you've done well countless tunes that channel, do not worry. Although it appears on your TV screen surely the word "weak signal or no connectivity", and do not see the day of the Switch-off, for example, channels Sportitalia, or those of Mediaset Premium, or broadcasters RAI, with the ' specialist help and try these simple instructions to find the tv stations disappeared or never tuned:

-       start with checking all the connections: examines the antenna cable. If it is well-connected, or if it is too old or damaged, especially in the ends of the link. Also check if the cables Scar tsono functioning and well placed, and if the HDMI connections are in place (in the case of HD decoder). In the case, replace them with new cables and of good quality.

-       If you notice any discrepancies in the list of channels, such as channel black screen, or moved to the bottom of the list, try to do the factory reset of the receiver (or TV) and reset it from the beginning with a new automatic tuning.

-       Still can not receive the channel that you want to see? Then try to do a manual tune channels missing inputting the frequencies of the issuers.

-       If the controls have verified that you have made your decoder (or your TV) works perfectly, but the channels you are looking lam again, now concentrated on the plant home TV.

-       Through the functions of the TV decoder or you can measure the level of signal channels missing (the device will measure each containing various multiplex channels). This way you can identify the frequencies that have a low signal tv. For optimal reception of the mux and a correct view of the tv channels the signal strength can also be less than 50% (up al30-40%), but the quality of the same signal (ie the ratio between signal and errors) must not never be below 60%.

-       If your house has more rooms in various wall outlets antenna, try to test the devices on each plug to see if there are differences in reception between the various parts of the plant. Usually the signal is strong and stable in the main socket, and less good in so-called secondary outlets.

-       If you are having signal diversity can do (even with the help of an antenna repairman) a review of the integrity of all cables, filters and junctions in the house, because there may be a disturbance that causes loss channels with signals lower.

-       If you verify that your home system has no problem, you must check out the rest of the apparatus of signal reception: then and antenna devices placed on the roof of the house.

-       Remember that in most cases do not have to replace the antenna, because there are no digital aerials or produced exclusively for digital terrestrial television.

-       only at presence of antenna installations Monthly "channeled" (where there is a filtering of signals) you will have to replace a part of the system. In some cases, the work of an antenna, it will be necessary to adapt the old antenna, or install a new Broadband, able to receive channels in VHF European Union (where they are transmitted in many parts of the first channels of RAI).

-       To write a system antenna can act in two ways: you can adjust the bias, that is, you can have an element of the antenna parallel or perpendicular to the ground depending on the type of channel signal, and you can optimize the antenna to the TV repeaters. The correct antenna pointing is crucial to lead to a level acceptable signal receiver for decoding (the risk is to see only a black screen on your tv). Of course it is not easy, and if you are not an expert you will need the assistance of tencico and its working tools which are able to find the optimum balance between lower noise and the increased scope of the useful signal.

-       If the adjustment of the entire system is not enough TV to receive digital terrestrial channels missing, then unfortunately the problem comes from the source.

-       To try to improve the weak signal (in power) that arrives at your antenna, you can enhance it by applying upstream of unamplificatore and other recipients of reinforcement antenna. This, too, if you're not an expert, it is a task for the antenna repairman.

-       If even then you can not see the issuers, if it comes to those of Rai, you can report the problem to Raiway by calling the toll-free number 800 111 555 or by sending an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

-       Finally, if your antenna can not help but note the absence of the TV signal of these channels, you can opt for an alternative offer satellite TV Sat, installing a satellite dish and buying a sat decoder and smart card, to receive almost all FTA channels of digital terrestrial.





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