Flow batteries used experimentally in the USA for storing electricity network level

Flow batteries will soon be used for networks in scale storage of electrical power in the United States.

Flow batteries use large reservoir containing an electrolyte chemical to achieve a substantial storage capacity but only a small part of these electrolytes are in contact with the electrodes reagents. Thanks to this arrangement the capacity of the system increases in costs quite low also engaging only basic chemical equipment.

An experimental installation and demonstration is going to be built in Modesto in California will provide 25 MW of power up to a maximum of three hours.

In the present experiment is a wind which will load the entire system.

The company that developed this technology has received, last year, a loan of $ 2 million in U.S. government agency for advanced research projects on innovations in the energy sector, the 'ARPA-E, and to date has raised an additional $ 11 million thanks to private investment.

The research is directed to the development of electrodes from the long duration and low cost, able to be able to feed and hold in function for a long time flow batteries.




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