Insurance that covers damage caused by gas leaks

They talk about it for a few months but it will be activated only from October 1, the new insurance against accidents caused by gas leaks. The insurance will cover injuries to people (maximum EUR 130 thousand), damage to buildings (maximum EUR 110 thousand) and / or property (maximum EUR 45 thousand), and all the consequences of civil liability (maximum 6.5 million) related to insured from accidents "that are a direct result of loss and / or leakage of gas distributed by network and caused by any event." Continue to be covered by the policy, civil users and industrial users and hospital complexes withdrawals lower, respectively, to 200,000 and 300,000 cubic meters per year.

Not all subjects can in fact benefit from this insurance coverage, and some in fact are excluded:

• final customers for natural gas characterized by an annual consumption of more than 200,000 cubic meters at standard conditions for industrial uses;

Loans with maxi final installment: what they are and for the purchase of what goods are used

The car finance with maxi final installment of the loans are installment for the purchase of a new or used. Their characteristic feature is to provide a repayment plan with the very low rate initial and final installment with a maxi.

Usually the big final installment can vary from a minimum of 30% up to a maximum of 90% of the cost of the loan. Among the advantages, therefore, the sustainability of initial monthly payments, to which is added the possibility to refinance maxi installment. In essence, it will always be possible to extend the term of the loan.

Home renovation: who can qualify for the deduction to 50% (2/4)

From 26 June 2012 until 30 June 2013 the roof was raised to € 96,000 and the percentage of the deduction is equal to 50%

First of all, in order to claim the deduction must be of the subjects who pay the 'tax. From this tax will be deducted the amount of subsidy. If the income tax payable is less than the fee to be deducted can not get a refund in the following year. So who pay little tax may have little convenience to access facilitation.

The owner is not the only person who can access the deduction. So too can other parties having rights on the property to pay their expenses renovations and occupy the property

Home renovation and maintenance: decalogue anti scams and controversies

Traditionally, there are few people who think in September to fix the house - repairing what is damaged or renovating what is no more than their taste. If you are not a craftsman of trust to turn to, how to choose the plumber, carpenter or any other worker with the certainty of not overpay? To help move through defective pipes and shelves to be applied without encountering any disappointments, the National Union of Consumers (Unc) has published a handbook anti-scams and controversies.

The successful applicant: a question of trust

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you choose a craftsman to carry out a job, it starts a "works contract", governed by articles 2222 and following of the Civil Code. A key characteristic of this relationship is to be based on trust, allowing the consumer to withdraw at any time subject to payment of the work performed.

What are investment products that the insurance market offers? The unit-linked and index-linked

There are several products that the insurance market offers here is how to move among the offerings. And the results of a recent collection of data on the trend of last year Ania

Investments in insurance are traditionally associated with the idea of safety and protection of the portfolio. And this is surely one of the great strengths of the life insurance capital protected or guaranteed, adopting management mechanisms to limit the loss of value of the investment even in the face of adverse market movements. But the insurance market today has a large number of products, each with its own characteristics and advantages or disadvantages.

How can I request a refund of life insurance policies prescribed: procedures and time required deadline

Thanks to the decree Growth 2.0 the statute of limitations on life insurance policies are no longer equal to two but ten years. So there is more time for the money to be returned to the rightful beneficiaries, and for this reason the so-called dormant policies was initiated by a notice of CONSAP Dealership public insurance services, and the MED, the Ministry of Economic Development. The news was just that the Ministry has published online the application for reimbursement to fill out, sign and send to Rome just at the Dealership Insurance Services

Monthly Credits: judgment of the Supreme Court requires notification to the individual delinquent homeowners Enforcement and the first precept of executive

The decision of the Supreme Court of the United Sections 2008 no. 9148, which excluded the solidarity between the individual owners of an apartment house, produced for the creditors or suppliers of building two major problems:

a) creditors of the condominium must identify all owners of the building (especially those in arrears), but not enough, because it must also find tables of milliseconds in order to determine the share of each owner debtor;

b) after having obtained the enforceable against the condo, and notified the enforcement and precept administrator pt building, we need to understand if the same operation must be repeated (or not) also to the individual owner in arrears (ie if the individual delinquent owner must be notified of the final judgment, and the precept) before starting enforcement action for recovery of the debt.

What are the characteristics that differentiate a mortgage from a loan?

The main difference between mortgage and financing consists in the fact that the mortgage is a form of financing, which is a form of loan, the amount of which exceeds € 31,000 and is usually for the purchase of a property or an asset of need.

The loan is the loan of a sum of money by authorized financial intermediaries (institutions, such as financial, or banks) which will then be returned together with the addition of interest expense (which should have maximum rates guaranteed by law in order to avoid the 'wear).

A refund of the amount paid must be precise intervals are established in the contractual stage in the act of financing. The two figures involved in the agreement are:

Useful tips for the direct purchase of the house by the manufacturer: obligation surety, insurance policy, the preliminary contract of purchase, pre-emption right, method of payment

Buy a house under construction can present the positive and negative aspects.

On one side is out of the question saving on the purchase price of the property, we are at least around 10-20%. On the other hand we must recognize the existence of some risk: the postponement of the date of delivery to the danger that the construction company fails and that the buyer loses the sums paid as advance.

In the case where the manufacturer fails before the execution of the deed of transfer of ownership, which usually occurs when the works were completed, only the creditors with collateral on the property (such as the bank that financed the construction with mortgage) will be able to argue their case.

Buyers without specific guarantees are unlikely to recover any sums paid as a deposit or down payment, if you do not pay twice the amount already paid.

Is possible to request redemption or reduction of the life insurance policy? Analysis of cases and procedures to be followed

The life insurance policy is a contract which gives the right, behind the payment of premiums for a predetermined period, to receive a sum of money in a lump sum or annuity each life insured. Often you enter into a life insurance policy when you want to set aside a sum of money to supplement their retirement and improve the standard of living in futuro.Per contract after a specified number of years, who has taken out a life insurance policy can terminate the insurance relationship and apply for payment of capital (redemption).

Not all life insurance policies may be redeemed. They may be issued in whole life insurance policies or mixed ones, but not the term life insurance policies. For the purposes of the redemption request, in addition to the question and a photocopy of an identity document valid, the insured must attach the original of the bill. If you have not been delivered or in case you were lost, must be attached to the complaint submitted to or loss of the statement of the loss of the policy.

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