Searches to produce electricity from the vegetables through the conversion of light energy into electrochemical

The cartoon Popeye taught us, in a playful way, what could be the nutritional value of spinach. But that these herbs could become a useful source for the production of clean electricity no one could ever imagine, except perhaps for a team of American researchers.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have started from a point: the spinach contain Photosystem1, a photo-synthetic protein capable of converting light into electrochemical energy. A series of experiments has allowed us to develop a technique capable of combining the protein in question with the silicon, the material present in solar cells.

What are the characteristics that differentiate air conditioner from air conditioning?

The air conditioner and air conditioning are both devices that are used to change the temperature of a closed environment, but they are not the same thing: the air conditioner is used to cool the 'air, while the air conditioner is a device that is capable, not only of cool' air, but also to dehumidify it, filter it and heat it, with the possibility to set the temperature and l 'moisture.

The air conditioner is a device used to cool the 'air. It thanks to a fan circulates the air cooled by gas, which blends with that already present in the surrounding environment, so as to cool it, it is possible to adjust the fan speed, but not the air temperature. The cold air is delivered in a continuous manner. There are two main types of air conditioners:

Flow batteries used experimentally in the USA for storing electricity network level

Flow batteries will soon be used for networks in scale storage of electrical power in the United States.

Flow batteries use large reservoir containing an electrolyte chemical to achieve a substantial storage capacity but only a small part of these electrolytes are in contact with the electrodes reagents. Thanks to this arrangement the capacity of the system increases in costs quite low also engaging only basic chemical equipment.

An experimental installation and demonstration is going to be built in Modesto in California will provide 25 MW of power up to a maximum of three hours.

What are they and what are the potential cell battery semi-solid?

A revolution in the energy sector could get the new batteries in semi-solid flow cells.

This battery, developed by researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is structured according to an innovative architecture that would allow electric vehicles to be powered using the accumulated charge from the battery. Solid particles (positive and negative electrodes) are suspended within a liquid electrolyte called "Cambridge crude" and sorted into separate systems.

How to choose the air conditioner: characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and practical advice

Although we often strives to make a distinction between air conditioner and really would not be wrong to consider them the same thing. The term air conditioning is used to identify the type of machine that, once set the temperature, self-regulates in a more sophisticated and precise compared to an air conditioner in order to maintain steady conditions in the environment, also in terms of air filtration. In fact, an air quality, not only cools the air, but, thanks to particular filters (increasingly evolved), is able to purify the air by removing odors and pollutants.

There are no air conditioners units or outer tube?

The question that more and more people working in the field gets asked is whether there are air conditioners (or air conditioning) without hose or external drive. This is because lately some manufacturers advertise some of their products by emphasizing the fact that they do not require any external unit you tube that communicates with the outside world, this type of message attracts the curiosity of many consumers who are "enticed" by the convenience of not no need to drill hole in the house and so avoiding masonry work.

LED lighting: strong growth in Italy and in the world

Italy controls 16.3% of the European market for LED lamps, a percentage that moves a total of 12.8 million euro. The sudden growth of this market in our country is mainly due to the use of LED lighting in architecture, both in high-profile commercial projects both in residential projects. It is also expected that future growth will be fueled by other sectors such as retail.

Analysis "World LED Lighting Market" conducted by Frost & Sullivan shows that the global market earned revenues of € 343.3 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach $ 1,325,100,000 of euro in 2017. From an initial penetration of the lighting market by 3%, the light emitting diodes are in fact destined to become the dominant technology for the future of lighting.

What are the rules for the protection of privacy in video surveillance?

Video surveillance and privacy: the Guarantor has updated its decision of 2004, in order to balance privacy and security. We see the main news' of the new regulations drawn up by the Guarantor in the field of video surveillance.

The main novelty of the new provision of the Data Protection Commissioner on video surveillance

- Appropriate signs to indicate the presence of cameras connected with the operating rooms of the police:

- Obligation to refer to the verification of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, prior to their activation, the systems that present a danger for the rights and freedoms of individuals, such as technologically advanced or "smart";

Overview of domestic water softeners and purifiers: what they are, how they work, ensure that the benefits and savings

Water is a precious commodity. A primary asset for everyone. Not always, unfortunately, in an immediate and economical. How much money we spend in a month, a year, to buy water bottles at the bar, at the supermarket, vending machines? However, when we could easily tap into zero cost drinking water directly in our house? Is there really a way to save drinking water, distilling it safely? The answer is yes, using household cleaners. And the ways are various. This short article is intended to give hints essential to ensure that your choice, according to different needs, may be appropriate.

What are the standards to be met by systems for domestic water purification? Decree of the Ministry of Health 25/2012

Long live the tap water! According to research compiled by Aqua Italy, the association representing companies in the field of water treatment, 75.5% of the population chooses the water to zero km. The resource is considered good but is done more and more frequently to make it better.

And Italians are thousands that make use of equipment and systems, domestic water treatment: reverse osmosis plants, filters for chlorine, water softeners and water filter jug. All devices that can now rely on an appropriate legislative framework.

Anti-theft system with perimeter protection environment: the microwave barriers

The active barrier microwave detector is one of the most 'safe and reliable use in perimeter protection for outdoor use. A barrier is formed by a transmitter device and a receiver device. The transmitter emits an electromagnetic radiation whose frequency is around 10 GHz, which is directed, by means of an 'antenna, towards the receiver device. The receiver, too 'it with its antenna can be placed from a few meters up to 250 meters away. The microwave beam that is established between the transmitter and the receiver, when there are no obstacles in the middle, allows to obtain in output of the analysis circuit of the receiver, a signal level proportional to the 'amplitude of the received signal.


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