Which are the opening costs for vat number?

Many struggling with the opening of a non-open knows that the VAT does not involve any cost. In fact all the expenses, they arrive at the opening of VAT. The VAT is nothing more than a numeric code of 11 digits plus the country code (IT for Italy) that uniquely identifies a company.

Individuals, in addition to VAT, they must also enter at the time of billing the tax code.

In theory even companies municipalities have the tax code, but in most cases these two codes are equivalent. Once you open the vat, which can now also be opened online, you must choose the tax regime to be adopted. A person or a company that opens the VAT automatically becomes a company.

A freelancer who decides to open a business with no guarantees of income is better than choose the tax regime defined as taxpayers minimie this means that the new contractor will not have to pay VAT and must not, however, exceed EUR 30,000 in annual revenue over not to be subject to sector studies that generally have the power to derail a company. If it is a profession related to the ingenuity the new employer does not even have to pay a fixed contribution of inps and this helps a lot especially at the beginning of its activity.

But he who opens the VAT related to trade must pay a fixed contribution of INPS, which corresponds to slightly less than 3000 euro per year + a percentage of the net gain which corresponds to about 18% of volumes that exceed 13,000 Euros. Whoever opens the VAT should know that invoice management will be entrusted to an accountant and this entails an additional cost ranging from € 500 to € 2000 + VAT + VAT for volumes of invoices and advice not too high.





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