Advantages using resin floors for the renovation of buildings: cost containment, many customizations, quick installation, possibility of application over existing floors

Despite the current downturn in the real estate market, what seems to be going by the greater of Italian investors are buying properties to renovate, through interventions on the floors and the skeleton can be sold with a good profit margin.

According to a recent report dell'AITEC (Italian Association of Technical Economic Cement) about the current real estate situation in Italy, in the last five years there would be a sharp decline in volumes (-32%) in the cement market. The market recovery against the brick mussel in fact some of the characteristics of the Italian legislation: if it is true that the state coffers are blocked by the weight of a large public debt, the data of the Bank of Italy show that the net wealth of Italian families amounts to approximately EUR 350 thousand (200 thousand if we consider only the housing stock), because although the question "physiological" of housing and the wealth of Italian households constitute the factors necessary and sufficient conditions for a resumption of the market, modest gains and the lack of attention of the legislature suggests that we can further decrease in the market.

The strong brake for small investors is made primarily by the high rate of tax that is applied to the real estate and secondly by the current difficulty in obtaining liquidity in the municipalities financial institutions. The trend that seems to go for more is to buy second-hand property to be restored, ie where it is not necessary initial investment is too high and that they can then restructure in time and then resell with a gain quite substantial.

For the renovation of the interior investors often rely on specialized firms in restructuring and interior design, while only the small investors choose to do-it-yourself or the intervention of labor in his spare time. An essential aspect of the restructuring is certainly that of the laying of the floors and in particular the choice of the type of coating to use. Very recently fashion are the resin floors, which allow at the same time reducing the costs (which are not very high) and to obtain an effect of the environments.

With the compounds in the resin is in fact possible to make floors and walls extremely elegant and durable, which has specific physical, mechanical and aesthetic of the highest quality and that they are a viable alternative to traditional materials used for flooring such as ceramic tiles and terracotta or wood floors - more delicate and more expensive.

The characteristics that play certainly in favor of resin floors are speed of installation, the cost-effective and can be applied over existing floors (with further reduction in time and cost), and this solution is therefore ideal for those who are planning a renovation of a house, since it responds positively to all the requirements that the floor of a modern home should have: resistant to trampling and scratches, grease and oil repellent, easy to clean, being free of leaks and customizable with endless variety of colors and of drawings.



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