Reporting certified start of construction (SCIA)

With regard to the introduction of the Wake in the construction field the president of Assoedilizia says:

"The SCIA applied to the construction industry basically does not change anything compared to the prior regulations, already relieved of a number of procedural steps for the minor works, as a result of the reform introduced last spring.

Is likely to complicate the lives of the owners loyal to the laws and to encourage the bad guys.

Regarding the effectiveness cyclical no significant impact. Otherwise it would have been if the measure had contemplated the eligible in derogation on the basis of the first formulation of the government's housing plan: at least as expansions of usable surface insulation of all properties not involving volumetric increase.

So it was not: and we are chasing a target lost with measurements from an uncertain positive effects.

If this legislation were to apply to superdia contemplating new volumes, which can not be excluded when the Shah was acceptable for the entire building sector, because the indexes of the development plan are not even indirectly a form of quota.

This implies the application of the criterion "veniunt here first," while the volume index or surface holder constitutes acknowledgment and original of a priori jus aedificandi encoded.

If therefore the Wake should also apply to superdia never imagine such problems could be created for the community in the face of interventions say reckless.

The issue, to respond to the Minister Alfano, is that it is not only a relationship between the public administration and the manufacturer: so they need just a matter of taking "responsibility" on the part of the latter.

The issue is that the state and the P.A. are guarantors, in front of other third-country nationals, the legality of the construction works involved in the area: and you can not institutionalize their "inaction" in fact, even for impossibility, like when you hear of sample checks and hide behind the screen of the responsibility of those who build. "




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