What are the main features of the platform lifts and stair lift systems? Overview of areas installation, technical requirements, dimensions, space requirements


For stair lift (or stair) is a device that moves in both directions, for sliding on an inclined plane (on the side of a staircase). To lift platform shall mean a lifting system with vertical axis in a hoistway defined



The above lifting means, can be installed under the following cases:

- Preferably to overcome differences in height maximum of 4 m

- As an alternative to the installation of the lift in the case of adjustment (for gradients greater than 4 m)

- In the interior stairs of accommodation pluriplano

- In residential new construction, in cases in which the installation of the elevator in buildings with no more than three levels above ground


For the installation of the above mechanisms is necessary to provide:

- Adequate space for loading / unloading to the initial plane to arrive

- Free from clutter height all the way equipment

- For lifting mechanisms put in buildings open to the public, operated by a key, there should be, in place and accessible height, a call button with its mark, for the delivery of the key by staff



In buildings open to the public and in every part of the common stair lift must be of the platform for wheelchair: if a clear view along the way is less than 2 m is necessary that the rotten platform in its own premises, that is, within a protected space and delimited, equipped with automatic gates at the ends of the stroke. Where this is not possible, you must provide acoustic and visual signals of the moving platform or, in the alternative, to ensure the movement with accompanist.



Please note that the dimensional requirements of the DM 236/89 for these devices have been updated by special regulation UNI 9801 in September 1991 (not included in this volume):


Stairlifts with wheelchair platform for:

- The floor area must be less than 1.2 square meters



Minimum flow:

- Between 100 Kg and 200 Kg for the stairlift

- Greater than 150 kg, for platforms in places open to the public

- Greater than 130 kg, for platforms other places




- 0.1 m / sec (calculated on a straight path)



- The type "man" on the device, equipped with protection against accidental activation and integrated with removable key switch to stop the movement of all control points

- Preferably, additional controls for flying any accompanying

- Call buttons / cross-reference to the plan in its own lane when driving or when you have visual control of the entire route


Fall Protection:

- All elements of fall protection such as armrests, hinges, slides and rails shall be in a position of restraint of the person transported all the way

- A platform stair lift for the entry / exit to the upper level must be done with a single slide (or strip) lowered

- This slide must connect the platform to the platform with a gradient of up to 15%


Security of route:

- All along the route of the stair space concerned of the device must be free of obstructions such as fixed or movable doors, windows, doors, soffits of attics etc..

- Where not provided the gear in its own premises, the equipment must be equipped with an anti-shearing, crushing, shock-proof as provided by DM 236 in paragraph 8.1.13


For anchors, electrical safety, mechanical safety of the equipment, please refer to DM 236 point 8.1.13



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