Comparison of parquet and laminate flooring: features, pros and cons of the two solutions

When the time comes to change the floor of a room or when it is necessary to restructure the whole house you have to decide what kind of product you buy.

If you prefer the style flooring, opens up a world of possibilities true to furnish with taste their own home.

First you must decide if you prefer to buy hardwood flooring or if you intend to buy your laminate floor.

Both have great qualities, that inspired you to choose one over the other, depending on your needs.

The hardwood flooring is undoubtedly the flagship product of this range, which is considered by far the most valuable.

The species available are many, starting with maple, birch, cherry, beech and ash, and ending with the finest Oak, Bamboo, Iroko, Teak and Doussiè.

This is a real wood parquet floor that gives a great sense of warmth to the house, with the natural material and the warm and wrapping colors that characterize it.

The result is uniform floors, enriched by small irregularities that make every single plank, such as certain veins or streaks.

If you intend to lay the new flooring quickly and with great simplicity it is advisable to resort to the parquet, which does not require a lengthy and costly preparation of the fund, and that it actually can be laid without glue the planks.

Each type of essence has certain characteristics and the final choice must also take account of these, as well as the aesthetic.

In certain areas of transition will in fact be necessary to buy parquet particularly durable and robust, while some marginal areas you can choose even more delicate essence.

However, there are different solutions for those who - despite loving the very parquet effect - prefer a more practical and economical solution: we are talking about laminate flooring.

The advantages of a laminate floor are not negligible: it is certainly a lot cheaper than the floor parquet, it is quick to install and is very resistant to wear.

So perfect solution for all those who want a product that lasts over time and has low costs, without sacrificing the aesthetic component.

There are also floors made specifically for delicate areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen, where it is likely that water can not fall on the ground and where it gets dirty more often.

It's always about the effect laminate flooring parquet, but they are made with a special high quality waterproof resin, which resists moisture and scratches.

By buying this kind of product so you will not have to fear the bulges typical wood that comes in contact with the water and you can then enjoy the new floor even in the most difficult areas of the house, in absolute tranquility.




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