What are the wooden aluminum windows, which are the main features and benefits that they provide?

The wooden window frames aluminum represent an excellent investment for your home, on a shoestring budget, you can save money in electric bills

The provisions contained in Law by decree 102/05 and subsequent amendments, introduce and make mandatory the drafting of the energy certificate for each property.

This mandatory document, to be issued by the designers of the dwelling is therefore necessary in the actions of buying a property, the lack of this certificate can even void the contract. Such as household appliances, even the buildings will have an energy rating of belonging, this is because the energy is now a necessity, saving is no longer a choice but an obligation.

What most influences the level of saving possessed by a dwelling is definitely the type and quality of the fixtures installed, the higher the quality of the insulation and the lower the level of heat dissipation, and thus a substantial savings in consumption due to heating .

The most used materials for the construction of the frames are wood or aluminum, the first definitely gives a better thermal insulation and improved aesthetics but involve a considerable maintenance, aluminum ones instead offer a much higher resistance to atmospheric agents but are more deficient from the point of view of the insulation.

A solution that allows you to combine the strength of the frames made of metal material, that zero or nearly the problem of maintenance, and the high level of thermal insulation than wood, the windows are wood-aluminum.

The wood-aluminum frame is the so-called "mixed system" that combines the exterior of aluminum profiles and the inside strips of solid wood, so it is an innovative product of high technology, you can afford a excellent isolation between the two different materials and it provides a high resistance.

A mixture that combines qualities of strength and life of the product over time, and allows you to adapt to the regulations on energy saving.




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