Choice and features of anti-theft alarm for home

The alarms are divided mainly into two major parts, the first concerns the alarm systems that run only through the wires, also called cable, while the latter are those on the radio.

The first thing to which we must give attention is that they are manufactured by companies recognized that they have a certificate of quality and collateral.

Today install alarm systems is becoming a necessity and is not required by most people who have to protect sumptuous villas or another, but by ordinary people who live in apartments and do not have a bank account in 9 zeros. I say this because now the thieves are targeting everyone, so everyone has surely something like gold or a beautiful flat TV. It does not matter if you live on the first floor or eighth out of twelve, this makes no difference, they come and take what they can get.

If it was just so we could say "I have nothing!" Or something like that, but the problem today is very different, the thieves come even when we are at home, at night or in broad daylight, in short, they come to us and we end up in their "company". This may seem like I'm saying just the pure "Terrorism" psychological, but it is not what I want to convey. With these few lines I just want to inform you that in case you are interested in installing an alarm system, do not installatene any, point to quality, reliability and the ability of technicians who are qualified. The alarmists are alarms and electricians make electrical installations, which are two very different things. The products for alarm systems or for those of video surveillance are part of a separate sector that can not be confused with the electrical system. Choose serious products and dialers Gsm quality, opt for at least a couple of sirens, for the functions anti-robbery and anti-panic, for connection to the Force dell'0rdine, do not buy products that are sold off in department stores, choose cameras with at least 1/3ccd, put the DVR on the network, and ask questions to your service technician, because an alarm system or surveillance needs assistance and maintenance.




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