What is asbestos, what interventions disposal and clean-up methods

Asbestos is a group of natural mineral with a fibrous structure to separate into very thin fibers and durable, widely used in the past in various sectors from industry, until the adoption of Law 257/92 which approved the full disposal, since the inhalation of fibers released into the air poses a serious health risk. Therefore if asbestos is compact, that is, the fibers are strongly linked in a stable matrix and solid for which it is difficult to release, is not damaged and is free of abrasion and there are no particular health risks, while if asbestos is crumbly, ie which can be easily crumbled or reduced to powder by simple manual pressure, there is the danger of inhale the fibers. 

Interventions / Disposal

- When the asbestos-containing material is hard and compact and in good condition of conservation, the owner must put in place a program of inspection and maintenance (DMS 06/09/1994 and subsequent amendments and supplements).

- When the asbestos-containing material is friable or damaged or deteriorated is required remediation in compliance with the regulations in force, subject to the approval of the work plan by the Spisal Ulss 16, as established by Law 257/92 et seq.


- Encapsulation: Treatment with piercing products that incorporate or covered with asbestos fibers (this type of surgery can be performed only by specialized firms);

- Confinement: installation of a holding barrier to separate the asbestos from the occupied areas of the building (this type of surgery can be performed only by specialized firms);

- Removal of asbestos (this type of surgery can be performed in person or by specialized firms).

- When a building is asbestos must be appointed a person to assess, over time, the state of preservation of materials that contain it (can be the same owner).


Reference standard

- Decree of 25 July 2001, Ministry of Health, adjustment to the decree of 20 August 1999 "Expansion of regulations and technical methods for the remediation, including those to make asbestos harmless, as provided by art. 5, paragraph 1 , letter f) of the Law of 27 March 1992. 257 laying down rules concerning the cessation of asbestos ".

- Decree of 20 August 1999, Ministry of Health "Expansion of regulations and technical methods for remediation: the use of encapsulants, coatings for the remediation of asbestos-cement products, reclamation of materials with asbestos on board ships, etc.".

- Ministerial Decree of 14 May 1996, the Ministry of Health "Normative and technical methods for the remediation of: prefabricated units, pipes and caissons asbestos-cement, etc.".

- D.M.S. of 6 September 1994, "Regulatory and technical methodologies for risk assessment, remediation, inspection and maintenance of asbestos-containing materials in buildings."

- L. of 27 March 1992, n. 257 "Regulations concerning the cessation of asbestos."




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