Health and safety on construction sites: Criminal Cassation judgment

It is in line with the provisions of Legislative 9/4/2008 Decree n. 81, as amended, contains the Consolidated Law on health and safety at work, this judgment of the Court of Criminal Cassation which have been identified insolvency responsibility of the coordinator at run time and the undertaking 's foster following a fatal accident happened at work on a construction site in which, on the basis of a complex scheme of work contracted cascade came to be at work simultaneously different contracting companies. In this case, in particular, foster a company has granted part of the work had contracted by the client and for the construction of a shopping center to a subcontractor which in turn transferred the work of supply and installation of the structure metal of the building to another company which in turn still has entrusted to a fourth company of the mounting plates and panels making up the metal roof of the building. It was just an employee of that company subsubappaltatrice who was the victim of the accident on the job for a fall on deaf ears as a result of a failure of part of the roof structure.

No obligation to DIA houses for renovation

No more need for commencement notice (Dia) for extraordinary maintenance affecting the houses, 'that does not always relate to the structural parts of the building, do not result in increase in the number of building units and do not involve any increase in the urban parameters' .

To establish the decree just been launched by the government amending the text only on construction of 2001. The new decree provides, therefore, works how to install solar panels, replace equipment and health services have to redo the floors, you can freely do without asking for authorization, provided they do not involve an increase of the area or volume of the apartment, do not involve moving bearing walls and not based on one or more housing units, on the contrary, a real estate unit fragmenting into several units.

Reporting certified start of construction (SCIA)

With regard to the introduction of the Wake in the construction field the president of Assoedilizia says:

"The SCIA applied to the construction industry basically does not change anything compared to the prior regulations, already relieved of a number of procedural steps for the minor works, as a result of the reform introduced last spring.

Is likely to complicate the lives of the owners loyal to the laws and to encourage the bad guys.

Redevelopment construction and clean energy

But the pollution is not caused only by the traffic, but for the most part is generated hour after hour, minute after minute the energy required by all our homes and conveniences (electricity, heating, etc.)..

In recent times, construction, even to re-launch in a saturated market, and retrain more and more new and old buildings has become convinced that the future must meet the new demands of the industry, offering solutions with low energy consumption and low environmental impact.

Should invest in an ecological house?

Buy a new house built according to the principles of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency still costs a little more than using traditional techniques, but the surplus can be demolished in a few years, if you add to this a prudent use of 'property. "The present scenario is very different from what anyone could have imagined just a few years ago," reflects Carmine Prinzo, responsible technical area of La Ducale (real estate development company of the group Tecnocasa), which is overseeing HABITARIA (pictured above), real estate project Residential Class A Paullo located in east of Milan.

What to check before buying a house

In order to build an enterprise engages with the City entering into a "development agreement". In the agreement are provided for the works that the company undertakes to carry out, those which undertakes to carry out the joint, those which are monetized. The issue is of significant interest to the prospective buyer of a real estate unit inserted in the complex built in the future by the company as if comperasse and later found out that these works have not been completed or charges not paid in full, you may find yourself having to pay him, on pain of failure to achieve a Habitability. It 'true that could take action against the company for a refund of the amount paid and not paid, but it is also true that this may not be achieved if for example the company (as is often the case) had ceased operation and was deleted from the Register of Companies.

Personal protection devices construction industry

The personal protective equipment to chemical agents in a manual on risk assessment in building construction. The legislation, protective clothing, goggles, face shields, gloves and footwear.

We continue to talk about chemical hazards in the construction sector through the document "Risk assessment in building construction" manual that was developed jointly by the Territorial Joint Committee for the Prevention of Accidents, Personal Care and Work Environment in Turin and Province (CPT Torino) and INAIL Piedmont.

Having dealt with in a previous article, references to the chemical risk of Legislative Decree 81/2008, the risks to health and safety and risk assessment, we focus on claims relating to personal protective equipment to chemical agents.

Direct purchase property from builder

Buying a home under construction in addition to the economic benefits (costs about 10% less of a house already built), she's also other advantages. For example, the ability to make changes, to personalize it, etc.. In contrast, however, are necessary precautions definitely greater than the cost to buy an existing house.

In practice, the buyer agrees to pay to the manufacturer of the interim final price agreed, as they carry out the construction work. This method, called to the progress, has a double meaning: on the one hand serves as a funding for the manufacturer warrants to the other to pay only the achievement of specific objectives (eg. Foundations, roof, etc. ).

Smart Cities: what they are, international experiences, where they are

Amsterdam, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Seattle: the foundation Cittalia - ANCI Searches an overview of the international experience of smart cities, or cities that are experiencing, often in collaboration with leading ICT companies, a way towards a more balanced urban development and that guarantees citizens a better quality of life. But there are early attempts in Italy ...

And interconnected, but also sustainable, comfortable, attractive, safe, in a word "smart": This is the identikit of smart cities, such as have been renamed in recent years, the city on them in Europe and in the world to ensure you bet balanced urban development and keeping up with the demand for well-being that comes from the more populous middle class international.

National Association of Builders draw up the code conduct business buildings

The Code of Conduct for construction companies product by Ance: a tool that helps companies in the task of establishing suitable models of organization and management of health and safety at work.

In reference to the Management System of Occupational Safety (OHSMS) - as indicated by the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, by Law 123/2007 and article 30 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 - present the "Code of behavior of construction companies "compiled by the National Association of Builders (ANCE) and approved by the Ministry of Justice (2008 version) as a source to facilitate the construction companies in the task of establishing suitable models of organization and management of health and safety on the job.

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