Penal Code for false self-certification

Article. 316 ter of the Criminal Code punishes any person through the use or presentation of false or incomplete statements or documents proving things that are not true, or through the omission of required information, unjustly obtains for himself or for others, grants, loans, loans or other funds of the same type, however named, granted or issued by the State, other public bodies or the European Community.

When the benefit is less than 3999 euro's conduct is not a crime.

It is therefore very important to distinguish the present case from that of the scam: unless so is the case, the fact is punished more lightly, for the facts of low value even not by criminal law.

Estimate on the amount of pensions for today's Young Professionals

In October, broke half uproar when President Antonio Mastrapasqua INPS said something that was barely recovered from the Corriere della Sera: "If we were to board the simulation of quasi-employees, we risk social upheaval." A phrase almost thrown out at a meeting Ania and of which the mainstream media barely noticed.

The web, however, not distracted, he raised the antennas and many blogs, newspapers and magazines telematics interpreted the words of Mastrapasqua in this way: there is no money for the precarious and their contributions are used only to pay the pensions of today. But if we say it around, the revolution started.

Tips on how to start a new business

Starting a new business - The first steps to avoid mistakes-

Although we are in the midst of a deep economic crisis, there will never, fortunately, new business initiatives in the medium term that will give new life to the whole productive-economic system with a positive return for the labor market.

The Italian economy as well as important and prestigious industrial companies has always been based on a myriad of individual companies and micromprese that always represent industriousness and inventiveness all Italian.

Complete guide to DURC (Document of Social Security) - Part 2

Continuing in the compilation of the panel A, the next step is to indicate the location of the shipyard, also briefly describing the work that you are or will be made.

Therefore, you should give some guidance on the procurement (protocol number, date, type of race that took place ...) and ISSUING contractor, to be identified with the name, social security number and address.

Moving on, then, in Section B, most of the information to be provided concerning the undertaking concerned. It is, therefore, to specify the company or corporate name, social security number, e-mail address, location of the registered office and operational phases (including specifying which of the two addresses you want to receive notices).

Complete guide to DURC (Document of Social Security) - Part 1

Theorized by the legislature in 2002 but entered into force only in 2005 due to technical difficulties, the Document of Social Security (DURC) is one of the obligations of the social security system more common for entrepreneurs.

In essence, the DURC is the document that certifies that the entrepreneur is, in fact, comply with the payment of social security contributions to INPS, INAIL and (if the Document is required by companies operating in the construction sector) Cabinet Construction.

Guide to the right of interpellation - Part 2

The competent authority shall notify its interpretation to the taxpayer within one hundred twenty days. It, confirming whether or not the suggested solution from the instant, does not establish an absolute truth but only the opinion of the Financial Administration.

In our country, always exists the freedom of interpretation: the answers to such difficulties are "practice papers", that is likely to persuade people to follow a certain behavior, but without, however, bind them. Moreover, even the institution is required to comply, so that it is common in front of two distinct such difficulties, the same body you change your mind and gives a different interpretation on a case identical to the one already considered in its time.

Guide to the right of interpellation - Part 1

Cases of life are infinite, and for how a law can be detailed, there will always be gaps between non-regulated article and the other.

This becomes all the more valid if we analyze the sphere of tax legislation. In our country, the production of laws, decrees and regulations has always been so frequent and often contradictory as to leave room for an infinite number of questions on the practical application of this regulatory burden in the life of every day. And so, it happens to every taxpayer to run into a situation where he does not know exactly which standards apply, or how it should be interpreted in relation to his problem.

Fund Patrons: 2011 funding young entrepreneurs

If the assumption is true that the future is young, it is good, therefore, invest on their figures, their potential, their resources. Investing in young talent, innovation and creativity is precisely the reason why it is born Patrons Fund, which allocates € 40 million for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

The facility is reserved for all young people up to 35 years which propose projects in the form of private legal entities, either singly or in association, in culture: music, cinema, theater, art, fashion, design and technology.

Responsibility 231/01 also for individual businesses: Supreme 15657/2011 of 20 April 2011

Even for individual businesses apply the administrative liability of companies and organizations for crimes committed by its employees pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

With sentence no. 15657/2011 filed April 20, 2011, the Court of Cassation, Criminal Division III, has been expressed about the administrative liability of companies and organizations for crimes committed by its employees pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. Specifically ruled that these rules also apply to sole proprietors, thus reversing the previous policy.

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